15 of the Best Gay Couples on Teen Television Shows

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Television has come a long way in giving better representation of the LGBT community. Believe it or not, teen shows are the ones that really began breaking the mold. Dawson’s Creek was the first to give us a truly passionate homosexual moment on the small screen in 2000 when Jack won Ethan back by giving him a big kiss. It was a HUGE breakthrough that made people open their eyes about how love doesn’t always have to be between a man and a woman. Since then, more and more have done the same… and we’re so incredibly thankful!

A lot of the actors who played iconic homosexual roles are straight in real life, and have spoken out about what the roles mean to them. Many find it to be an honor to help tell the stories of normal people wanting to be in love just like everyone else. We get awesome straight love stories that make us swoon, like The Notebook. But we should also get to see every type of love on screen! These 15 awesome gay couples from teen television series provide some of the main reasons why: