15 Hilarious Tweets About Suicide Squad That Say Exactly What You’re Thinking

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I have been thinking a lot about Suicide Squad lately.

I should say that I did not see the movie. I also have not read any of the comic books, though, through being a person who lives in the world, I am obviously familiar with many of its characters, such as the Joker, from the Batman movies that I have seen, and, uh, the Joker. That’s it.

It has kind of been impossible to not think about Suicide Squad a lot, though, because literally everyone else is, apparently. The movie came out on Friday and, though it is poised to do well, money-wise, critics seemed to delight in absolutely destroying the film to their best capacity. I literally do not know what people were expecting — I know almost nothing about it, remember — but it surely wasn’t this.

What I do know, however, is that despite the film’s abysmal reviews, people have been coming out to see Suicide Squad in droves, which means that people are tweeting about Suicide Squad in droves, too. Some people love it, some hate it, but, overwhelmingly, the tweets are pretty good. They’re so funny, in fact, that they will at least make you snort-laugh a little, even if you, like me, have next-to-no familiarity with the franchise. So, check out the funniest tweets about Suicide Squad right here:

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