10 Things You’ll Understand if Your BFF is a Guy

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Being a girl who is best friends with a guy is totally different than being best friends with a girl. Obviously, one is no better than the other — but they certainly are a whole other ball game. Like, for instance, the fact that, no matter how detailed you explain to him the horror of period cramps, he’ll never truly get it. You know?

So, if you happen to have a BFF who’s a guy, here are ten more things that you can probably relate to:

1. Only telling to-the-point stories. You can save your detail-soaked stories for when you meet up with other friends because guys are mostly interested in the who, what, when, where, and why. (And sometimes how.)

I Don't Like To Be Kept Waiting

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2. Making executive decisions when clothes-shopping. Because they simply aren’t going to give an opinion on the 100 items you secretly want to try on.

Freaky Friday Make Good Choices

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3. Being automatically mistaken for a couple. Of course, because it’s absurd that a guy and a girl could want to be in a platonic relationship. The alternative is always…

4. Being told that “you guys should totally date!” Thanks, but ya know, no thanks.

Kanye West Are You Serious

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5. Being the only girl out with a bunch of dudes. Which is completely fine.

6. Briefly considering what it would be like to date him. And then coming to and wondering what you were even thinking.

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7. Wrestling. Good old fashioned pin-your-elbow-behind-your-ear wrestling.

8. Getting non-sugarcoated love advice. Ain’t nobody got time for beating around the bush. Maybe your crush just isn’t that into you, and your BFF is always down to tell you.

He's Just Not That Into You Don't Call Him

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9. Free hoodies, all the time. So many hoodies, with such big pockets that girls just don’t get to have.

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10. Being mistaken for the girl who “only hangs out with boys because girls cause too much drama”. That girl is awful; don’t be that girl.

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