10 TV BFFs We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Sleepovers, pinky promises, practical jokes, dance parties, and late night conversations are always better if done with your best friend. Amirite? And while we all have our own friends and besties, we can’t deny the fact that we love watching them on TV just as much! Here are our fave on-screen BFFs.

Chyna, Olive and Fletcher on A.N.T. Farm
You know what they say — three geniuses is always better than one. That’s a thing people say…right?!

Disney Channel

Tori and André on Victorious
André was Tori’s first friend at Hollywood Arts High School, so it’s only fitting they became BFFs! We just wish we and our besties could sing like them. Sigh.


Rocky and Cece on Shake It Up!
These girls are the perfect duo. They’re cute, funny, and can dance like it’s nobody’s business. And even better? They’re BFFs in real life, too!

Disney Channel

Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries
Not even vampire, witch, and boyfriend drama can’t break the bond between these biffles.

Alloy Entertainment

Tessa and Lisa on Suburgatory
Nothing’s better than living next door to your best friend (except when you can see her checking out your brother from across the lawn).


Jane and Billy on Jane By Design
These two share all most of their secrets with each other. Even though it took Billy a while to actually tell Jane of his “relationship” with Lulu and his feelings for Jane, the two were able to move past it and remain friends.

ABC Family

Diana and Cassie from The Secret Circle
That whole ‘no dating your BFF’s ex’ rule didn’t seem to apply in this friendship. Props to these ladies (especially Diana) for making it work.

Alloy Entertainment

Carly and Sam on iCarly
We cannot get enough of these ladies! Both Sam and Carly are so genuine and honest with each other. Not to mention, they’re freakin’ hilarious!


Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer on Pretty Little Liars
The only good thing ‘A’ did was bring these ladies back into each other’s lives after they drifted apart.

Alloy Entertainment

Jess and Cece on New Girl
Remember when Cece switched outfits with Jess so she could go on that date? The guy may have been a grade A d-bag, but Cece proved she’ll always have her best friend’s back!


Who are your fave TV BFFs? Who are you and your bestie most like? And did we leave anyone out? Let us know in the comments.

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