The 8 Best Things About Having a BFF Who’s the Opposite of You

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There are lots of benefits of having a best friend who is exactly like you. But there are just as many benefits of being BFFs with someone who is your polar opposite! Like these:

1. You’ll always have someone to call you out on your crap. They’ll never be afraid to tell you when you’re making a big deal, or aren’t making a big enough deal about something.

2. You can learn so much from your BFF. Learning about interests opposite of your own will make you so much more well-rounded.

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3. A second opinion means a different opinion. Sometimes, what you need isn’t just a repeat of your own opinion.

4. You never know what to expect from them. You can’t read their minds, so everything that they say is a fun surprise.

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5. You don’t smother each other. Your different interests keep you away from one another for just long enough to make you start to miss one another.

6. You aren’t ever in competition with one another. How can anyone compare two people who are so different? Oh that’s right, they can’t.

7. Seeing people’s faces when they discover how close you two are. “Wait, that’s your best friend? Oh… I just… didn’t expect it is all.”

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8. Learning more about each other is endless fun. You never know them inside and out like you would someone whose personality is identical to yours, and that’s the fun of it!

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