The 10 Best Fairytale Movies Ever

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Once upon a time every little girl dreamed of being swept off her feet by a Prince on a beautiful white horse (but we all know how that worked out for Kim Kardashian…) Well, times have changed, guys! Don’t get me wrong, we still want our Prince, but now he drives up to us on a really hot motorcycle after he like, tweets something witty about love or pizza.

Fairy tales have definitely changed over the years, but one thing remains the same; our desire for a whole lot of romance and fantasy. Over the past year, fairy tales have been making a HUGE comeback, (not that they ever really went away.)  Amanda Seyfried rocked it in Red Riding Hood, and two films are currently in production starring superstar Snow Whites, Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins. Not to be outdone by the big screen, two new fairy tale based shows have just premiered this fall: Once Upon a Time on ABC and Grimm on NBC.

All this fairy tale talk makes me want to revisit some of my faves.  I could watch these 10 flicks over and over, and over again!

1. The Princess Bride I would fight R.O.U.S., fire swamps or a bunch of crazy women at Target looking for Missoni dresses if it meant I could have my Wesley. As you wish…

2. Enchanted: Gisele finds her Prince in the city that never sleeps and lives happily ever after, but only after fighting off a dragon and an evil Queen.  New York is a tough town.

3. Sydney White: Greek life can be a bit clique-y, but Sydney finds her rightful place amongst these seven adorkable guys.

4. A Cinderella Story: This Cinderella goes all techie on us, as Hilary and Chad’s characters find that old-fashioned romance blossoms on the World Wide Web.

5. The Princess Diaries:  Mia Thermopolis is no ordinary Princess, and that’s why we love her so much. You can bring the girl to the castle but you can’t change who she is.

6. Never Been Kissed: Grossy Josie gets a second chance to be popular, fall in love and get revenge on some high school meanies.  Sounds like a great semester to me!

7. Pretty Woman: The Hollywood hooker with a heart of gold finally gets her Prince.  Everybody’s got a dream…what’s yours?

8. Edward Scissorhands: Tm Burton introduced us to the ultimate outsider in Edward (the one that came before Cullen) and we all fell in love with him.  Is there anything Johnny Depp can’t do?

9. Flashdance:  Girl from the wrong side of the tracks makes good and follows her dream. Classic fairy tale! She even gets her prince and a rose at the end.

10. Can’t Buy Me Love: Ugly duckling goes male in this role reversal.  Donald…Ronald… made everyone want to take a ride on a lawnmower into the sunset.  Cowboy hat included.

Who’s your modern day Prince?  Is your fave fairy tale movie up there? Let me know what I missed in the comments!