15 Ed Sheeran Songs That Are Better Than “The A Team”

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Ed Sheeran‘s new album just dropped this past week. And honestly, I don’t know which is more delectable — the 16 new songs he’s come out with or that little pile of red fluff resting on his cherub head. Just so you know, I can attest right away that this album sounds 10 times better than scarring your back on “piano-diamonds” whilst doing the deed for the very first time.

Every time I listen to one of Ed’s songs, this overwhelming feeling of relief washes over me. Because at least I know someone out there has a sadder love life than I do, which is more or less a reason for us start dating, like yesterday. But then again, I’m like, “Jeez! It must be god-awful to be so rich and cuddly-looking and Taylor Swift‘s platonic plus one-slash-caretaker all of the time!” Incredibly though, Ed can come to his own rescue with simply a guitar and that lovelorn voice of his, and here are 15 of songs by him to prove just that:

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