From Taylor Swift to Whitney Port, The 10 Best-Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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It’s a good thing the Sucker Punch premiere was earlier in the week, because it’s taken us that long to recover from the awesomeness that was Vanessa Hudgens’ dress. We’re still not over it, but there were lots of other fabulously dressed girls this week, too!

On to this week’s winners!

1. Most eyebrow-raising jaw-droppingly backless gown
2. Prettiest “can it please just be summer?!” dress
3. Hottest leather leggings (and most envious legs)
And more…

4. Cutest pointy heels we’ve seen in 5 years
5. Tannest legs amidst tons of winter white skin (and cute dress to boot)
6. Gutsiest polka dot-mixed-with-floral-mixed-with-tats trio
7. Sexiest Disney star since Miley Selena Vanessa
8. Cleverest floral sundress worn in the winter
9. Most impressive effort to bring back slips
10. Bieber-iest outfit of the week (see dogtags)