From Taylor Swift to Saoirse Ronan, The 10 Best-Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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From Taylor Swift‘s gorg gold gown to Debby Ryan‘s hot metallic mini dress, everyone was decked out in gilded threads. Even Saoirse Ronan, who plays a bad ass assassin in Hanna, got all gussied up in rhinestones.

1. Best borrowed from Belle in Beauty and the Beast dress
2. Cutest skirt that could also pass for an ostrich
3. Most glamorous gown ever worn by an assassin

And more…

4. Hottest Harry Potter makeover
5. Wait… hottest Harry Potter makeover
6. Classiest ex-pop star ever (sorry Brit Brit)
7. Most adors up-and-coming wearing an even more adorbs dress
8. Glitziest skirt ever made
9. Wait… glitziest dress ever made
10. Hottest nude ever. Um, dress that is.