From Selena Gomez to Taylor Swift, The 10 Best-Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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All of our faves were looking especially fab this week — and we’re not just talking about their apparent obsesh with red lipstick. From Taylor Swift‘s stripes to Kim Kardashian‘s stilettos, everyone seems to be stepping up their looks for spring. Now if the new season would just get here already…

On to this week’s winners!

1. Raddest red hot dress (and boyfriend!)
2. Prettiest Parisian ensemb
3. Ruffliest ready-for-summer sundress
And more…

4. Hottest knight hottie in shining armor
5. Best Sandy-from-Grease inspired get-up
6. Cutest cream-colored sweater tights ever seen
7. Sassiest leather motorcycle jacket + dress duo
8. Most unexpected/impractical/awesome shopping shoes
9. Prettiest prom queen-worthy gown
10. Fanciest leave-the-necklace-at-home neckline

Who’s look is your favorite? Tell us in comments!