From Emma Stone to Blake Lively, The 10 Best-Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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The week started on a high note with one of the most stylish (and also boring) Oscars in ages, and it didn’t stop there. From schmancy Chanel soirees to rad Rolling Stone parties, this was an exceptionally fashionable week for our faves.

And now on to this week’s winners!

1. Most expensive-slash-impressive head-to-toe Chanel ensemb
2. Best eyebrow-raisingly low neckline
3. Coolest Kelly Kapowski-inspired outfit
And more…

4. Sassiest 1920s-worthy flapper skirt
5. Cutest mini dress top worn as a dress
6. Most impressive shorts-at-night outfit
7. Best seemingly-subdued but actually totally see-through dress
8. Brightest Biebs-inspired purple stilettos
9. Finest feather boa-adorned dress
10. Cutest cheerleader-esque pleated skirt

Who’s look is your favorite? Tell us in comments!