20 of the Best Disney Character Tattoos Ever

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We all have a special place in our hearts for the classic Disney Princess movies of our childhood. Whether you have always wanted to be a Disney Princess yourself, or you just like the movies because they’re enjoyable and give you a sense of nostalgia, we all have a favorite film and character. But do you love your favorite enough to get it tattooed on your body forever?

Not very surprisingly a lot of people do — and so, there are tons of Disney tattoos out there just waiting to be seen. As expected, some of these tattoos are weird, and some could be better. Some are cool, but don’t really stand out. And then there are the Disney tattoos that are so gorgeous and amazingly well-done that you can’t help but stare. These are some examples of that last kind, just because it’s the day after a holiday, and I think we would all appreciate looking at some awesome tattoos. Here are 20 of the best Disney character tattoos we’ve seen on the Internet:

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