5 of the Best Dance Movies Ever!

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Let’s be real – everyone loves movies about dancing. Who doesn’t like to escape real life for a bit by watching a bunch of talented dancers do their thing? Speaking of, Battle of the Year hits theaters on September 20, and if you love dancing movies, you’re sure to love this one.

In honor of BOTY, we compiled five of the best movies about dance for your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s a movie about ballet, break dancing, (or both), these movies will make you want to bust a move!

So without further ado, see which flicks we picked below!

1. Center Stage
Center Stage is about a young girl named Jody who enrolls at a very prestigious (and competitive) ballet school. She struggles to meet the standards that her professors demand, but eventually learns to shine on her own.



2. Footloose
You might know Footloose as “the movie about a town where dancing is outlawed,” but trust us – there’s PLENTY of dancing that goes down. And who can forget Kevin Bacon’s iconic “LET’S DANCE!” shout at the end of the movie?



3. Step Up
This is the movie where we first learned that Channing Tatum has some serious moves! In Step Up, Channing plays a guy who gets caught vandalizing a dance school, and is ordered to work there as punishment. He ends up taking some classes, and just so happens to be an amazing dancer. Who knew?


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4. Dirty Dancing
“Now I’veeee haddd the time of my lifeeeee,” is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone mention Dirty Dancing. The second? “Nobody puts baby in a corner!” Oh, and we can’t forget about that JUMP!


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5. Save the Last Dance
We saved Save the Last Dance for last! (See what we did there?). This movie is about a young ballet dancer from the Midwest who moves to the tough streets of Chicago. She ends up falling for a guy with a sorted past, but they end up teaching each other some important lessons. Like dancing!


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Do you agree with our picks? Tell us YOUR fave dance movie in the comments, and don’t forget to see BOTY when it hits theaters tomorrow!

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