16 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Totally Killed the Hair Game in 2016

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Celebrities are known for their impeccable fashion sense, fresh makeup looks, and incredible clothes, but they definitely run the game when it comes to their hair choices, too. We love to look to them for inspiration whenever we are hunting for a new style and we have to admit that there are just some celebs who do it best. From year to year, you never know who is going to surprise us with a switched-up look or a new style.

While 2015 was all about the crazy colors and outrageous styles, 2016 was basically all about one thing — going blonde! Who would’ve ever thought that Taylor Swift would bleach her hair!? Not us, that’s for sure. It definitely threw the world a curveball, but luckily for her, it also worked. The “New Romantics” wasn’t the only star to take a trip on the lighter side, and she also wasn’t the only one who rocked the hair world in the past year!