12 of the Best Celebrity Family Halloween Costumes of All Time

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Halloween is one of the best holidays out there. There are decorations, parties, classic movies and loads and loads of candy; it’s practically a month-long party! But let’s be real here; the best part of Halloween is the costumes! It’s the one day where you get to be anyone you want, besides yourself, without any judgment. And you get to channel your inner creativity, too!

Most people choose to go with easy DIY costumes for the holiday, but for many celebrities, it’s a whole different ball game. They can afford custom pieces, so they go ALL OUT on October 31. And given how much money they have, there’s no excuse not to! Stars like Heidi Klum and Katy Perry are known for their crazy ‘fits, but other famous figures take it a step further and make their costumes a family affair (Neil Patrick Harris, we’re looking at you.) Keep scrolling to see some of the best celebrity family Halloween costumes of all time!