10 Best Celeb Birthday Cakes From Ashley Benson, Demi Lovato and More!

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While Rihanna’s new song featuring Chris Brown, “Birthday Cake,” left us questioning a few things, it also got us dreaming about the best part of birthdays — cake! When the rich and famous celebrate birthdays, they do it big. Some stars have cakes that represent their songs or movies, while others devote their dessert to their favorite brands and accessories. These 10 celebs’ extravagant birthday treats prove you can have your cake and eat it too.

Ashley Benson
The PLL starlet rang in her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas last December with this Chanel bag-shaped treat. How wearable wonderful does that cake look?

Who better to grace the centerpiece of Snooki’s 23rd birthday cake than the “meatball” herself? Snooks has never been one to do things quietly, and this cake, hair-poof and all, is as loud as they come. We just hope it wasn’t filled with pickles.

Debby Ryan
The Disney queen turned 18 with an impressive sparkler-filled cake. Glow girl, it’s your birthday.

Rupert Grint
The red-headed wizard’s 23rd birthday cake honored his hit movie saga with a Harry Potterthemed cake. It looks like it took forever to create, but devouring this baby looks like a piece of cake.

Naya Rivera
Family, friends, and fellow cast members sang happy birthday to Naya with this amazing, bright pink Glee slushie cake. The best part? The cake looks impossible to cut, so she probably didn’t even have to share!

Demi Lovato
The Demster rang in the big 1-9 with a towering cake to honor her hit song “Skyscraper”. Seriously, don’t even try to tear this one down.

Miranda Cosgrove
The iCarly star celebrated her 18th birthday with a mutli-tiered, topsy-turvy cake, which looks like it’s straight out of of Alice in Wonderland or something. And how delish does that oversized cupcake look?! We think this is one sweet iCake.

Ariana Grande
Filled with gold accents, hearts, and, stars, Ariana Grande’s birthday cake looks like a party in itself. The icing on the cake? The mini Ariana doll that sits on top.

Sean Kingston
Sean Kingston is another star who celebrates in (designer) style. Earlier this month the 22-year-old singer blew out candles on a Louis Vuitton-inspired cake at the New Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. He fancy, huh?

Victoria Justice
For her 18th birthday last year, Vic lit up the night with a cake that was, well, Victorious. But we don’t think she’d have it any other way.

Which birthday cake is your favorite? Any we forgot? Which one looks the most delish? Tell us in the comments!

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