The Funniest Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” Parodies on YouTube

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Let’s face it. There’s an 85.2 percent chance that you already have “Call Me Maybe” stuck in your head right now — and if you didn’t before, seeing Carly Rae Jepsen‘s name will probably do the trick! (Err… sorry about that.) But if you’re looking for other words to hum along to the infectious summer hit that just won’t die, check out these LOL-tastic YouTube parodies. Will you ever not be singing this song 24/7? Doubtful…

Nine-year-old rapper extraordinaire Matty B has swagger to match Justin Bieber‘s, and also doesn’t want people to call him a “baby.” Though with an adorbs face like that, it’s super difficult. Even when he’s mad, you’re thinking, “Like, how cute is that?” Cimorelli agrees too!

Subbing infants for Carly Rae and her neighbor boy toy, this parody is like the Rugrats version of “Call Me Maybe,” to hilar results. So cute, so fun, so many giggles. Basically, the only emotion to have right now is BAAAAABIES!!!

Sweet and adorable Alex pines for a girl who only exists in his dreams. After some soulful singing in the streets, he thinks he’s found the one, but it turns out to be…Rolanda. Is she the girl he’s been waiting for? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Two parodies for the price of one (video)! In this combo “Call Me Maybe”/The Hunger Games parody, Peeta thinks it’s “awkward” that he has to kill Katniss. Carly-style, he sings to his love, “Hey, I have to kill you/and this is awkward.” Uh, that’s one way of putting it…

This song is an ode to junk food and an ode to the wants and needs of our own bellies. It’s a true love/hate relationship, amiright? Plus, when Vlogality catches an M&M from falling off the edge of his table? Don’t lie. We know you’ve done the exact same thing, with the exact same intensity. (Yeah, we’ve been there too.)

If you enjoy making fun of the original music vid’s storyline, this one’s for you! (“Call me?” Errr… maybe when you don’t have amnesia.)

Which parody made you LOL the most? Do you still heart “Call Me Maybe” — or are you sooo over it already?

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