The 13 Greatest TV Shows Canceled Too Soon

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The Veronica Mars movie is now in theaters! Fans of the show managed to accomplish what so many viewers of cult series can only dream of — they got to bring their favorite characters back to the screen for their viewing enjoyment. I’m very familiar with how it feels to lose a show too early. Not only do my favorite shows usually get canceled way too soon, but I’ve also caught up on a lot of short-lived series after the fact and felt the horrible emptiness that comes with running out of episodes. Renewal/cancellation season for me is torture. It’s gotten to the point that I just expect every show I love to disappear.

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s better to leave a show while it’s still good so it doesn’t wear out its welcome and become tedious. Anthology series like True Detective have taught us that sometimes a shorter run can leave a much bigger impact and a lot more satisfaction. But I still want so many shows back on the air, like, yesterday. So in honor of Veronica and her new movie, here are 13 more great TV shows that were canceled way before their time…

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