15 Best Friends From Old TV Shows We Wanna Be BFFs With, Too

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Have you ever fallen so in love with a fictional pair of best friends that you have spent time actually wishing you could be their best friend? I have. Does that sound pathetic? Sorry, I just get really involved in TV shows, and I always end up wanting to be a part of them, or at least wanting to know the characters in real life.

Anyway, fictional friendships are usually perfect. The pair of best friends just get each other. If they disagree or fight, they apologize, talk about it, and get over it. They can talk about anything. They can just walk into each other’s houses like it’s no big deal. They do the TV phone conversation thing where they don’t have to say hello or goodbye. It’s great. And when I think about the best TV show friendships, mainly old shows come to mind. Here are 15 fictional best friends from old TV shows who we want to be BFFs with:

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