10 Books You Forgot You Used to Be Obsessed with When You Were Little

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Recently, I came to the conclusion that I am more or less over grownup books.

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I, like everyone else, loved A Little Life, even though it made me faint when I was reading it on the subway because I was holding my breath while trying to hold back my tears! — but my recent slogs through various summer reading and best-of book lists of late have reminded me that there is a certain joy that goes along with reading children’s/YA books that often gets lost even in the finest of adult literature. Adult books generally seem to come with an overtone that gives away the fact that the author is baldly clamoring to get a place on some shortlist or another for a prestigious literary prize, and, while there is some of that in children’s literature, most kids’ books just seem more content just to exist.

And this content existence, of course, produces some great stuff. In fact, it’s produced a lot of books that you have probably already read and, over the passage of time, probably forgot about, but might also be worth a second (or third) read. So, check out these (awesome) books you forgot you used to be obsessed with when you were little:

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