16 Incredible Teen Movies That Killed the Film Game in 2016

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As we head in 2017, we have a lot to look forward to…especially movie-wise. Long-awaited films like Emma Watson‘s Beauty and the Beast, Fifty Shades Darker AND Toy Story 4 are finally going to be hitting theaters in the new year and we couldn’t be more pumped.

While we’re getting psyched for the flicks that haven’t come out yet, it’s fun to look back and think about all the films we were patiently awaiting as the ball dropped and 2015 became a thing of the past. TBH — they all weren’t as good as we hoped. The catastrophe that was Allegiant may not be something we EVER get over, but in the place of some highly-anticipated films, other unexpected movies came out of the woodwork and became new classics. So, how did 2016 teen movies fare according to Teen.com‘s ~high~ standards? Keep reading to check out the 16 movies that got our stamp of approval during this wild year!