The Top 10 Most Awesome Bentos of All Time

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For those of you who don’t know what a bento is, it’s basically a common Japanese meal in a box. It has a ton of rice, fish/meat and vegetables. Recently we have become totally obsessed with them because people have started turning the food into awesome creations of our favorite characters, TV shows and movies. Didn’t anyone ever tell them not to play with their food? However, we are thankful they did because we found the 10 best bentos of all time.

10. Spongebob Squarepants Bento!
Apparently he lives in our stomachs and not in a pineapple under the sea.

9. Harry Potter Bento
At least in this version, Snape gets eaten!

8. Where the Wild Things Are Bento
Our favorite kids’ book is now a movie and a meal!

7. WALL·E Bento
WALL·E and Eve are still the cutest couple ever in our book!

6. Computer Bento
Okay, so it’s kind of geeky, but we bet Bill Gates would eat this.

5. Zelda Bento
We think we’ve stumbled across Christina Grimmie’s lunch.

4. Kitten Bento
We would feel seriously wrong eating this, but it’s too cute!

3. Hello Kitty Bento
Considering bento boxes started in Japan,
we obviously had to add this awesome Hello Kitty design!

2. Pokemon Bento
Hopefully no one got electrocuted when eating this Pikachu!

1. Yoshi and Kirby Bento
This food kind of makes us want to play Mario instead of eating.


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