One of Your Favorite YouTube Families is Saying Goodbye to Daily Vlogging

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It was almost a month ago to the day that Shay and Colette Butler announced that the Shaytards would no longer be making videos on YouTube starting in March 2017. While we were just beginning to process that huge news, ANOTHER daily-vlogging family revealed a major life change.

Judy and Benji Travis, the faces of ItsJudysLife, have been making videos every day since March 15, 2010. When the 30-year-old told viewers to watch her and her husband’s live stream featuring a big “announcement” earlier today, many thought they were going to spill the news that they’re expecting their fourth child. Unfortunately, the announcement wasn’t quite as positive.

“We’re gonna give ourselves a break from vlogging just to give us some alone time, also time with the girls when there isn’t a device around,” Benji explained as Judy cried beside him.

While it was obviously a very difficult (and sad) decision to stop daily vlogging, the couple came to an agreement that SHOULD help the burn — they will be live streaming on the days that they don’t film a ‘normal’ YouTube video.

“It’s not like we’re gonna be totally absent; we’re going to do these broadcasts in replace of a vlog once in a while,” he continued.

But even though both Judy and Benji insisted that the change would only be happening sometimes, fans are still incredibly upset.

Rest assured, Travis fam fans — Judy responded to the sadness with her own tweet saying, “We aren’t going anywhere! Just a little change. little by little <3”

Change is hard, but it’s gonna be okay, guys!

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