Two YouTubers Got Into a Terrifying Car Crash… & They Accidentally Filmed It

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YouTube stars go through a lot to film the perfect video — Marcus Butler got injured after falling off a Segway and Christian Collins flew into a hurricane — but perhaps no one had a scarier mid-filming moment than Ben Brown and Steve Booker, who got into a serious car accident that was all caught on camera.

The British YouTubers were in Berlin, Germany, filming a television show that required a GoPro to be on them as they were driving. The boys were safe, with the cam secured to the dashboard so their hands weren’t compromised, but that didn’t prevent what came next. Just as they were about to clear an intersection, you can hear Ben say, “Whoa, bro,” before the car gets slammed by another and everything violently jerks to the right. The blonde YT star immediately grabs his temple, as the impact caused his head to slam against the passenger-side window that was thankfully covered by an airbag that deployed.

Steve, who was the one driving the car, was visibly shocked, but immediately asked if everyone was okay. Luckily, both men and the two unidentified passengers were physically fine, but understandably shaken. Warning: This video contains actual footage of a real vehicle crash:

The vid has been up for under a week, but has already garnered over 1 million views. As Ben said in a tweet just after it was posted, “the more people see this video the more people will wear a seatbelt!”

Thank goodness everyone was wearing a seat belt and the airbags deployed, as we might’ve been reporting a completely different story if that wasn’t the case.

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