8 Embarrassing Fashion Mistakes Bella Thorne Made in Her Disney Channel Days

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Bella Thorne has grown up quite a lot since she starred on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! from 2010 to 2013. Gone are the days that she wore tutus and crimped her hair on the regular, and instead we now see the 18-year-old rockin’ skimpy bikinis and posts half-naked Snapchats. Oh, how the tables have turned…

But while BT has come quite a long way since she was simply known as CeCe Jones on the DC television hit, it’s taken her some time to really discover her personal style without any influence from her on-screen counterpart. Like her fellow Disney alums Zendaya Coleman and Ashley Tisdale, the redhead’s fashion taste took a good amount of time to really evolve into something that wasn’t simply Mickey Mouse approved, and she definitely hit some roadblocks along the way.