9 Times Bella Thorne Had an Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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Take one look at Bella Thorne‘s Instagram or Twitter and you’ll know that the bombshell beauty has no problem showing off her killer bod. While the 19-year-old’s Disney Channel days are most definitely behind her, that doesn’t stop her from supporting on-screen BFF Zendaya and becoming a spokesperson for normalizing female body hair. Bella is a force to be reckoned with and uses her platform to encourage others to be true to themselves.

As incredible as the teen is, she isn’t immune to suffering from #awk wardrobe malfunctions; even Kim Kardashian has fallen victim to flashing lights revealing her undergarments! Plus, BT is super into body positivity and wearing ~unique~ styles that are generally mishaps waiting to happen. While we’re sure she doesn’t necessarily like exposing her private parts or undies to the world, we somehow also think she doesn’t care that much. #FreetheNipple forever, ya know?

One time, the Famous in Love actress even posted a video of herself having a nip slip to her Instagram page to prove it’s no big deal if your nips accidentally show. If boys can show off their chests, why can’t girls? It’s a matter of equality, people.

Sometimes it’s nice to realize that even the biggest celebs are only human and have fashion blunders, too. We gathered all the times Bella showed off her style, and her bod, whether she meant to or not!