Bella Thorne Says Freeform Network Called Her Ugly in Emails

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If you had the chance to skim Bella Thorne‘s latest interview with the LA Times, you know that she shared a lot of shocking information. And while we were absolutely shook by the fact that she currently has 19 cats and only had $200 to her name when she turned 18, nothing surprised us quite as much as when she recalled being referred to as ugly by the Freeform network over email.

That’s right! Bella told The Times that, while working on Freeform’s series Famous in Love, the network called her ugly on multiple occasions. The 21-year-old said, “One issue is when you have a girl, a young girl who is on your show, you can’t tell her that she’s ugly or she’s fat or she’s this or she’s that because that’s going to make her feel bad.”

Bella Thorne Ugly Freeform Emails

Bella also revealed to the paper that the abuse wasn’t only over email; it happened in person, too! The Midnight Sun actress said, “There was another thing that was in front of everyone on set. After, the cast was texting me, ‘Oh, my God, Bella. I am so sorry. That was so awkward. I feel so bad. Do you want me to come over to your room?’ ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe they did that.’ It was all supposed to change on Season 2, and it didn’t.” How horrible is that?!

When it comes to the LA Times interview, though, the bombshell confessions didn’t end there. The actress-turned-musician spoke about her home life, her drug use, and even her own experience with sexual assault, which she revealed for the first time earlier this year.

As far as the drug use goes, Bella was adamant about the fact that she only smokes weed and doesn’t do anything else. She said, “The Daily Mail will be like, ‘Bella must have been out partying last night’ because they got a photo of me not wearing makeup with acne. They’re like, ‘She looks really tired out. Maybe the drugs are really wearing on her skin.'” NGL, that sounds extremely frustrating.

In terms of the sexual abuse that she faced until she was 14-years-old, Bella explained that she doesn’t want to reveal her abuser’s name because she doesn’t want to relive the trauma. She told The Times, “I guess that makes me selfish. I could do it. I should do it. You should tell every girl to go after her attacker. You should tell every girl that she has the right to go out there and speak her truth… but then you don’t. Then you can’t even speak out.”

On the contrary, we don’t think that makes her selfish at all. There are plenty of valid reasons why victims don’t report their assault, and TBH, the fact that she even speaks about it at all is pretty incredible if you ask us.