The Tana Mongeau-Bella Thorne Dating Rumors Emerge After Make-Out Session

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Bella Thorne definitely doesn’t hate Tana Mongeau anymore… ’cause the 20-year-old Disney Channel alum and the 19-year-old YouTube star were caught hardcore kissing each other!!!

In late June 2017, Tana posted a YouTube video titled, “i tried to f*ck Scott Disick. now Bella Thorne hates me. live footage lmao?” Self-explanatory, we know, but we’ll give you the rundown: According to the bleached blonde, she started “hoe dancing” in hopes of getting the 34-year-old Keeping Up with the Karashians star’s attention. Suddenly, the Famous in Love actress, who’s been linked to Scott on more than one occasion, cut in and reportedly started doing the same type of dance moves.

“On occasion, [Bella] hit a good [pose],” Tana said in the video, “and she’ll, like, look at me like, ‘Yeah, b*tch. You see this?’ And I’m like, ‘I do, sister. I’ll give it to you.'”

Since then, the social media star’s gotten some sort of ~feels~ for the redheaded beauty, as she openly admitted, on Twitter, to wanting to date her:

And, get this, she may’ve gotten her wish!!!

In a set of Instagram pictures captioned, you can see the two beauties making out, tongue and all. Tana’s caption for the trio of photos: “mineeee.”


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Following the steamy game of tonsil hockey, Tana posted the snapshots on Twitter, and said, “dreams do come true kids.”

So, naturally, the dating rumors have emerged.

Shortly before trying to hook up with Scott Disick, Tana & Somer Hollingsworth broke up, ending their longtime relationship.

As for Bella, she’s kept busy, dating Blackbear in August and kissing Lil Peep earlier this month.

Bella came out as bisexual in August 2016, but revealed that she’s never been in a relationship with a woman in April 2017. Perhaps #Talla (or maybe #Bena?) could be her chance? We’ll just have to wait and see, folks.
Guess we can add Tana Mongeau to the list of female celebrities Bella Thorne’s got a crush on: