Oy, Bella Thorne Inserts Herself Into Jake Paul & Alissa Violet’s Cheating Drama

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For those of you who missed yesterday’s drama, YouTubers Jake Paul & Alissa Violet accused each other of cheating… while still living under the same roof (and after he kicked her out of their shared space). The accusations played out across multiple social media platforms, including Snapchat and Twitter. It was brutal, it was petty and it was entertaining AF.

Clearly, the two didn’t care to keep their beef private, so it’s up for grabs by anyone to rip apart. *enter Bella Thorne*

Twitter (@bellathorne)

Twitter (@bellathorne)

The 19-year-old Famous in Love actress has been linked to the 20-year-old Bizaardvark actor since summer 2016, after Jake tweeted her to “hmu” shortly after her breakup with longtime boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. The two remained in contact over the platform through the end of the year, even during her relationship with Tyler Posey & hookup with Charlie Puth. On New Year’s Eve, he even hinted at a potential date:

But, even though she’s been a part of his life, people are soooo NOT having her comment on Jake & Alissa’s downfall:

Word to the wise: Sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax and watch the fireworks WITHOUT inserting yourself into something that’s not your business.
Bella Thorne’s not one to hold her tongue. Look at all the shady s*it she said about other stars: