Bella Thorne Talked to Her Ex-Bae All Weekend & the Internet’s Freaking Out

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Ya girl Bella Thorne is back at it again, stirring the pot on Twitter, leaving the public anxious for more details. In recent weeks, the 19-year-old Disney Channel alum got heat for cultural appropriation, chimed in on Jake Paul & Alissa Violet‘s breakup and announced that she’s ready for death threats after posting pictures of herself getting cozy with Cody Christian (for a movie). Now, the star of the upcoming Freeform series Famous in Love is sending fans into a frenzy with yet another note on one of her social media pages.

Bella recently took to Twitter to say:

She posted that on Wednesday… as in, three days after the weekend came to an end. Why? Clearly, SHE’S TROLLING ALL OF US!!! *ahem* Anyway, now the Internet’s blowing up, wondering who on earth the sometimes-redhead, sometimes-blonde, sometimes-rainbow-haired beauty could be talking about, especially since she’s racked up quite a dating timeline:

Many are hoping that it’s Gregg Sulkin:

Others are praying that it’s Tyler Posey:

But the general public doesn’t seem to be hoping for a reunion between her and Charlie Puth:

Bella’s made it clear that she’s friendly with more than one of her past loves:

But it doesn’t mean that she’s getting back together with any of ’em. Though, that second emoji in her latest tweet does leave us wondering about this one…
Bella Thorne is all about PDA. To prove it, here are six people she was caught kissing after her split from longtime bae Tristan Klier: