Bella Thorne Reignites Feud with Luke Hemmings’ GF After Weeks of Silence

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Bella Thorne has loved making headlines lately, which is why we’re not that surprised that she rehashed a feud that started WAAAAAAY back in early December.

Here’s what happened: 5 Seconds of Summer singer Luke Hemmings posted a picture of an adorable dog on his Instagram page on December 1, asking fans to follow him on Snapchat. The 20-year-old got tons of comments on the pic, including one from Bella that said, “Oh my god.” Luke’s girlfriend Arzaylea didn’t seem to like that the relationship-hopper actress had an interest in her bae, and couldn’t bite her tongue.


Ehhhhhh — we guess we see where the 22-year-old was coming from, but come on, girl; it was just an innocent comment on a photo of a cute pooch.

The ladies’ ~feud~ quietly died down after the 5SOS guy disabled comments on the Insta (lol)…until the former Disney Channel star came out of nowhere and reignited the fire on her Snapchat…for reasons unbeknownst to any person.


You know the drama didn’t end there, though! Arzaylea wasn’t about to let BT indirect her without saying something, so she decided to send some indirects of her own right back.

Will either girl ever stop doing the most? The world may never know, but it’s looking doubtful to say the least. *covers eyes*

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