An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Bella Thorne

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You didn’t think we’d write Zendaya’s birthday poem and not write one for Bella Thorne, didya? Puleez. We’ve had Bella’s bday (today!) on our calendars for months already. So we wrote this very special poem for Bella in the hopes that she’ll love it, but really in the hopes that she’ll read and it and tweet and share it with all her followers. Whatevs. Us and Bella are pretty much besties.

So, whatcha waiting for? Check out the whole poem below!

Happy birthday, Bella Thorne! You’re officially fourteen!
But we thought you were older, since you’re so gorg and so lean.
But anyway, like we did for your BFF Zendaya from Disney
We’re writing you a birthday poem. Ok, 1, 2, 3…

We think we need to talk about Shake It Up first,
But then we’ll talk about other things, with some more SIU interspersed.
CeCe, your character, is the cutest on the show
We love her spunk, her style, and her talent, ya know.

The show became popular and your fame quickly grew
And your celebrity became noticed on Teen.com, too.
Our very first interview with you was My Day, My Life
Which got over a million views on Youtube. That deserves a high five!

We write about you often, in case you couldn’t tell
And let’s just say we can’t wait for your music career, Bell.
Your song “Bubblegum Boy” with Pia Mia is so much fun
And we know when it comes out it’ll shoot to number one.

Now let’s take a sec to talk about other things
Like, we dunno, Cody Simpson, with whom you have a fling?
We know you claim you and Cody don’t date
But we know you’ll end up together. Come on, girl. It’s fate!

And BTW, we’re obsessed with your gorgeous red locks
And we think your style totally rocks.
Have a great day, Bella, on your big one-four
We really hope this poem wasn’t a bore.

And PS, we’d love if you gave this poem a retweet
Like you always do for us. Really, that’d be pretty sweet.

Ok, how awesome was our poem for Bella? What was your fave part? And what’s your wish for the bday girl? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to tweet the poem so Bella sees it, mmkay?!