Bella Thorne Scared Off Her Own Burglar in Attempted Robbery

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OMG, you guys… Bella Thorne was the victim of an attempted robbery earlier this week, but somehow, she managed to scare the intruder off and remain unharmed.

According to several reports, Bella was home alone at her San Fernando Valley mansion on Tuesday when an intruder smashed through a glass window at around 10 p.m. After hearing the glass shatter, Bella went outside to try and figure out what exactly was going on, but once the burglar realized she was home and not in New York as her social media suggested, they immediately fled the scene.

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Bella performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival over the weekend, so it makes total sense that the burglar tried to force his way in when they thought she was out of town. But, since she’d already returned home, she called the cops immediately after scoping out the scene outside. Unfortunately, by the time the cops arrived, the burglar was long gone.

In TMZ‘s report of the attempted robbery, they also made mention of the fact that this wasn’t the only celebrity break-in (or attempted break-in) that’s happened recently. Earlier this month, for example, John Mayer‘s mansion was robbed, and the thieves got away with roughly $200,000 of personal property!

That’s not all, though! Lucy Hale‘s home was broken into back in January, which is also located in the San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately for Lucy, they got away with around $15,000 worth of jewelry, clothes, and handbags, and they were never caught, which makes us wonder… could it be the same intruder?

Luckily, Bella’s intruder didn’t get away with any of her property and fled the scene immediately, so it could’ve been SO much worse, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t everyone’s worst nightmare. We mean… we’re shuttering at the thought of it!

So far, though, Bella hasn’t spoken out about the attempted robbery, probably because she wants to maintain some semblance of privacy after an unwanted intruder tried to burglarize her home. Completely understandable if you ask us, because we’d want that, too!