How Famous in Love is Going to Be a BIG Challenge for Bella Thorne

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Everything is coming up Bella Thorne! The 18-year-old is currently filming You Get Me with Halston Sage & Nash Grier, is a fan favorite to star in the big-screen adaptation of Anna Todd‘s fanfiction, After — which she’s completely here for, BTW — has a new book, Autumn’s Wish, hitting shelves on July 5, plus she’s tapped to star on a brand-spanking-new Freeform television series AND has an animated flick hitting theaters this.very.weekend! Like we said, EVERYTHING is coming up Bella.

While some struggle to leave their Disney Channel past behind them, the redheaded beauty has made the move from tween queen to young adult star seem practically seamless. So when we caught up with her at the junket for her cartoon movie, Ratchet & Clank, we simply had to ask her about her post-Disney projects.

Famous in Love — it is all about the dirty side of Hollywood,” she says of her Freeform drama, which was greenlit earlier this month. “It’s gonna show the really grummy side that all actors know, yet all audiences quite often think it’s so glitzy and glammy and perfect, but it’s actually very, you know, dark. And we get to show that a lot.”

She continues, “My character… It’s interesting for me because this is a real character for me to play. I’m nothing like Paige; she’s nothing like me.” But it’s not going to be easy. She admits, “It’s going to be a bit more of a challenge — it was doing the pilot just because, you know, there are so many small things that you have to look at just as a mannerism, the way you touch your hair — like, would that character touch her hair like that? Maybe not, maybe she’d do it a different way — so you have to take in a lot more into consideration rather than just acting.”

Then, of course, there’s all the fun surrounding Ratchet & Clank, based on the old-school series of video games. We got Bella to talk all about it, plus the video games she used to play, as well as her thoughts on her bad-ass character, Cora. All you gotta do is watch the video below for all the excitement!

Ratchet & Clank hits theaters on Friday, April 29!

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