Bella Thorne’s Ringing in Valentine’s Day a Little Differently This Year

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Valentine’s Day is a week away, guys! While it’s technically an official feast day in the Anglican Communion, most know it as a commercial holiday, complete with cards, hearts, candies, chocolates, balloons, and, of course, romance (which is the main reason why many single people dread it). One person who’s ringing in February 14th a little differently this year: Bella Thorne.

The 19-year-old Disney Channel alum has a history of fun V-Day activities. In 2011, she went to the Griffith Observatory with best friend Pia Mia, brother Remy Thorne and then-boyfriend Garrett Backstrom for the occasion. The following year was when she started dating longtime love Tristan Klier, whom she celebrated Feb. 14 with through 2014. She changed things up in 2015, since she had to work that day, but then got back into the swing of things the following year, and hooked up with Gregg Sulkin for V-Day 2016… in Mexico! And, let us tell you, Gregg treated Bella really nice:

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But what about 2017? Gregg’s no longer in the picture, but maybe you’re thinking that one of the guys she’s seen since then could be her date for 2/14, hmm? Tyler Posey or Charlie Puth? Sam Pepper or Nat Wolff? Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. The answer actually is…

That’s right, Bella doesn’t have a V-Day date this year… and that’s completely acceptable! Though she did include a not-so-happy face in her comment, it’s important to note that no one needs a special someone, Valentine’s Day or otherwise. What’s important is that you surround yourself with awesome AF people, and find happiness with and within yourself. (Sounds sappy, but it’s true!) And, hey, just because she doesn’t have a date doesn’t mean she can’t actually meet up with one of her exes that day. After all, she’s still in contact with them:

Bella’s been on the move since her breakup with longtime love Tristan Klier: