Bella Thorne DGAF About What You Think, Posts Her Own Nip Slip on Insta

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Female celebrities are all about freeing the nipple these days. Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne & Scout Willis are among ’em. Hey, it’s their bodies; they can do what they want! But we can think of no one more proud to #FreeTheNipple than Bella Thorne.

During an interview for Teen Vogue‘s April 2015 cover shoot, the Disney Channel alum acknowledged her larger chest. “I’ve always been flat-chested,” she told the magazine. “It is only this year, at 17, that I started to develop boobs. I mean, finally!”

Since then, she’s been proudly showing off various angles of her breasts, both by accident and on purpose, most recently during NYFW:

On Monday, September 10, was spotted in Soho, New York City, wearing a cropped pink hoodie with a pair of pink tracksuit bottoms and hot pink heeled boots; she also wore a belly chain and covered herself with glitter in random locations, including in the underboob region:

bella thorne nip slip

Raymond Hall/GC Images

…and she definitely was not wearing a bra. How do we know? ’cause the 19-year-old Famous in Love actress posted a video to her Instagram story in which she exposes one of her nipples. She covers it up quickly with her hand… but that didn’t keep her from posting her little peep show:

bella thorne nip slip

bella thorne nip slip

Instagram (@bellathorne)

Clearly, she DGAF because it wasn’t live yet she published the footage, and it’s still there at the moment. She also retweeted a fan who said, “YOUR NIP SLIP IS ALREADY A GIF LMFAOOOO,” along with an actual GIF of the moment (which we’re not reposting):

Props to her for doing what she wants with her own body!

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