Bella Thorne Kisses Mod Sun Days After Making Out with Tana Mongeau

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Tana Mongeau recently confirmed that she is, in fact, dating Bella Thorne, but it looks like the girls might be in an open relationship. Just days after the YouTuber and actress wrestled tongues in honor of BT’s birthday, the former Disney Channel star posted a video that showed her kissing rapper Mod Sun.

The 30-year-old appeared in the 20-year-old’s Instagram stories where he could be heard saying, “I just love this girl.” Bella then gave fans a close-up view of the pair kissing at a restaurant.

BT later posted a picture of the rumored couple hanging out in a pool where she was, of course, basically sticking her tongue in his face.

Mod Sun hit the red carpet with Bella at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, The Babysitter, where she wore a suit that was covered with pictures of straight-up porn.

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Not gonna lie, we’re a little bit confused, especially since Tana JUST did a video with Shane Dawson that was supposed to “prove” her relationship with the Famous in Love star is legit.

The 29-year-old read the 18-year-old’s texts, which included messages from her friend Brennen Taylor asking if she was actually dating Bella, or if the PDA was just for show on social media. While Tana didn’t necessarily answer his questions in the vid, Shane then went on to read notes between her and the Shake It Up alum, which he said proves they act “like a couple that’s been together for year.”

Sooo, what the heck is going on in the world of Bella Thorne’s love life? Honestly…who the heck knows at this point!

Bella Thorne DGAF about what people think — just look at all the times she purposely freed the nipple: