6 Famous Ladies Who Gave Some Serious Bella Thorne Vibes

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Bella Thorne‘s got a lot going for her. At only 18 years old, she can safely call herself a successful TV actress & dancer, movie star and YA book author — that’s nuts! And you know what’s equally nuts? The amount of famous ladies who look like her. Here are six beauties who gave some serious Bella Thorne vibes:

Britney Spears — You’ll never be able to look at young Brit the same way ever again.

Eiza Gonzalez — Ah, we knew the beauty who Liam Hemsworth famously hooked up with post-Miley Cyrus looked familiar!

Jessica Chastain — Guess we know what 20 years into the future holds for the Disney Channel alum, huh?

Kat McNamara — Apart from the red hair, the likenesses aren’t as noticeable as the aforementioned matches, but the Shadowhunters star could definitely pass for Bella’s sister.

Winona Ryder (in Edward Scissorhands) — Wow.

Abigail Anderson — Even Taylor Swift‘s bestie got a bit of Bells in her.

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