And Bella Thorne’s Latest WTF Move is — Cultural Appropriation!

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Bella Thorne‘s been doing the most lately. We’re not quite sure when it happened, but somehow the former Disney Channel cutie transformed into a rapist-dating, drama-starting controversy queen all in a matter of months. The latest WTF-inducing stunt to add to the 19-year-old’s roster? Cultural appropriation!

The Famous in Love star obviously took a note from fellow Freeform actress Emeraude Toubia‘s book, because she decided that it’d be a good idea to get her hair styled into cornrows and box braids while on a recent vacation.

The ‘do, which is “an ancient traditional African hairstyle,” was seen as offensive to many people — and they were quick to let her know what she did was not okay.

While Emeraude defended herself by saying she’s been wearing braids since she was little and therefore couldn’t possibly be participating in racism, BT decided to do what we’ve seen many other stars who get criticized for cultural appropriation do in the past — completely ignore the hate!

*shakes head* *cringes for hours* *prays the old Bella will soon return*

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