Friendly Exes! 9x Bella Thorne & Gregg Sulkin Complimented E.O. Post-Split

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We know it’s been a while since Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin broke up, but we have to say, we are constantly blown away by the love and support these two continue to have for one another! When it comes to celebrity couples, it seems like the breakups just keep getting messier, and even though we sometimes find ourselves confused AF about Bella’s life decisions, we totally respect the commitment they both have to their friendship — and, NGL, they’re pretty much #ExGoals!

Although their relationship, which ended in August of 2016, only lasted for one year, many would agree that it seemed as though they were soulmates. But, just because they couldn’t make their romance last doesn’t mean they weren’t meant for each other in other ways… like as BFFs, for example! Time and time again, they continue to prove their love and appreciation for each other, so why don’t we take a look back on these nine times the amazing exes complimented each other after they’d already split? Here we go: