10 Secrets About Bella Thorne That Will Surprise You

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It's been a busy few months for Bella Thorne. After it was announced in July that Shake It Up was ending it's run after three seasons, Bella wasted no time finding other work. She's already booked and filmed three movies since then! Wow! We're exhausted just thinking about that!

We all know Bella from the Disney Channel and the three seasons she spent on Shake It Up made her feel like family. We follow her on Twitter and Instagram and because of that we feel like we know everything about her. The truth is, we know a little bit about Bella, but not a lot! So, we wanted to find some interesting facts about Bella to share with all of you. That way we can all feel like we know her better. Take a look at the gallery below to uncover 10 surprising facts about this triple threat talent. Check out the 10 items below and then tell us, which Bella fact shocked you the most?