You Won’t Believe All the Major Roles Bella Thorne Was SUPER Close to Playing

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When Zendaya Coleman went in to audition for Disney’s Shake It Up!, she originally tried out to play Bella Thorne‘s character, CeCe Jones. “The really cool part about my audition process was I originally came in for CeCe, and they asked me to read for Rocky,” the actress told J-14 back in 201. “I really felt Rocky. I had a connection with her character. And when I went with Bella it was like instant chemistry.” While the 20-year-old’s road to Rocky was a bit rocky (el oh el), BT knew from the very beginning she was made to play CeCe… but that hasn’t always been her experience with Hollywood auditions.

Although she’s just 18 years old, Bella Thorne has been in the acting world since she was super young, meaning that she’s been on tons of auditions. Here are some of the roles the teen tried out for, but either decided to step away from, or got told the big ‘N-O.’

1. Bianca Piper, The Duff — If you read Kody Keplinger‘s book, you know that Bella’s character, Madison Morgan, was not in the novel and was created specifically for the movie. As it turns out, the addition of this role came as a result of the 18-year-old’s failed audition to play the lead role! She told Close-UpFilm.com, “I auditioned for the part of Bianca, and that’s who I wanted, and then [director] Ari [Sandel] loved me but he said that I was not gonna be Bianca, and so he asked me to look at a different character. So he gave me Madison.”

2. Lead role, Scream: The TV Series — We’re not sure exactly which lead role on the MTV show the former Disney Channel star auditioned for, but it definitely happened and she actually got the part. “I had the option to do the lead, but I thought I should choose [Nina Patterson] because I felt it was more iconic,” she told HollywoodLife.com. “I thought it was just a little bit more and also I’ve never been killed on screen before. I’ve never been killed ever on anything that I’ve done. I’ve always been the character that lives at the end so it was my first time dying on screen, which is pretty cool.” Basically, Bella went with quality (taking over Drew Barrymore‘s iconic film role) over quantity.

3. Unknown role, Big Love — Just under a year before the world was introduced to Bella as CeCe Jones on Shake It Up!, she replaced Jolean Wejbe as Tancy ‘Teeny’ Henrickson on HBO’s Big Love. According to the Disney Channel show’s Wikipedia page, however, the teen actually auditioned for a different part at first. Although her original plan didn’t work out, Bella couldn’t have been too upset, because she was asked back for five episodes.



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