Bella Thorne Exclusive, Day 1! Bella Spills Hair and Style Advice (Video)

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Bella Thorne fans, we’ve heard your cries. You wanted us to do a 30 Days With Bella segment like we did with the uber popular 30 Days With Zendaya. And even though we couldn’t get Bella for a full 30 days (she’s busy, people), we snagged her for a full… 3. It’s basically the same number without the zero. So for every day for the rest of the week, we’ll have a new, exclusive Bella vid just for you. Are you so loving us right now or what?!

First things first: Style! Find out what Bella dished to us on her hair routine, her fave accessories, and which other celeb’s style she totally loves!

Do you like Bella’s style? Do you like the way she wears her hair? Tell us in the comments!

And stay tuned for more exclusive Bella Thorne vids at 3pm ET every day for the rest of the week!