19 Disgusting Tweets Fans Dared to Send Bella Thorne

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What would we do without Bella Thorne in our lives? Sometimes we think there wouldn’t be anything entertaining to read about if she wasn’t out there making headlines. Just take her dating life, for instance. How many celebs can you think of that have been romantically linked to YouTubers, ex-Disney Channel actors, co-stars, rappers, and chart-topping musicians? TBH, we’re always on the edge of our seats waiting to see who she’ll step out with next — or what she’ll say on social media. She calls out other A-listers more often than most, after all.

You see what we mean? We haven’t even gotten into all the projects she has on her calendar this year, which is a pretty staggering amount for such a busy 20-year-old, or the way she bravely opens up about personal struggles in her life — from having dyslexia to being sexually assaulted. And there’s already so much to talk about!

With someone so honest and entertaining, it’s no surprise that Bella’s got all eyes on her. We’re talking 17 million on her Instagram and about half of that on her Twitter. The only problem? A lot of her followers seem to be REALLY focused on all the NSFW things they want to do to her. Taking a look at some of the nasty tweets sent her way takes a brave soul.

1. Cool beans.

2. LOL.

3. Points for creativity, but no.

4. Thanks, but no thanks.

5. Barf.

6. Nice try.

7. Um…

8. How about no?

9. Well that’s too bad.

10. Maybe keep that one to yourself.

11. Hard pass.

12. ???

13. DEAD.

14. What a gentleman.

15. In your dreams.

16. Cool story, bro.

17. Good.

18. Never in a million years.

19. SMH.