Bella Thorne Denies the Romance You KNOW Actually Happened

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Bella Thorne and Scott Disick‘s fling was one of the most confusing things ever. First, they were allegedly spotted on a date together, and then all of a sudden they were jetting off to Cannes, France, to canoodle in the pool. So while we didn’t quite understand the pair’s HUGE age gap, we figured it was a pretty legit romance. BUT WAIT! The 34-year-old was then seen kissing his longtime hookup in the same spot he was cuddling with the 19-year-old, so we were back to square one. The Famous in Love actress, however, doesn’t seem too puzzled about what happened (or didn’t happen) between her and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

Shortly after Bella tweeted, “Yo this #Cannes fancy life isn’t for me,” a fan tweeted that it was only a matter of time before she pulled a fast one on people (again) and started dating someone who was NOT her rumored bae.

The blonde responded, “Hahahah I’m not talking to Scott or anyone else. #dontf*ckwithit.” She then tweeted:

Hold on a second. If Bella says she’s not talking to Scott and they were doing “legit nothing” together, does that mean she’s denying the fling that people have PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence happened? Sure seems like it. What does she call that boob-grab, then? A friendly gesture between two pals? NEXT!

Bella Thorne is just one celebrity who absolutely HATES being single: