8 Famous Guys Bella Thorne Completely Denied Dating in the Past

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Dating has always been difficult, but add in all the new apps and swipe-righting and it seems pretty much impossible to meet someone new who is actually a decent human being. We would think that being a celebrity would actually give people an advantage in the relationship game because, ya know, SO many people want to date ’em!! We just keep picturing running into Harry Styles on the red carpet and instantly falling in love… it could happen!

Although we may think that’s what would happen if we were famous, hooking up in the public eye is probably more difficult than it is for regular humans. With paparazzi following you around literally everywhere you go, you’re constantly being bombarded with dating rumors and it’s pretty much impossible to do anything without the whole world finding out. As much as we LOVE trying to figure out if a couple got secretly engaged, or if someone is way happier after calling it quits from a longtime S.O., we can’t imagine how tough it must to be to constantly have to comment on your love life.

One celeb that is seen out and about with famous guys all.the.time is Bella Thorne. Ever since the Famous In Love actress split from Gregg Sulkin in 2016, she’s done a good amount of dating…and why shouldn’t she? But just because people are spotted hanging out doesn’t automatically mean they’re in a relationship, though. Apparently not everyone knows that, because the 19-year-old has to deny SO MANY dating rumors that it’s hard to keep track of who she’s actually been with.

While some stars choose to keep their lips sealed about what happens in the romance department, BT is quite the opposite. If she’s dating someone, we won’t have to do much guessing. And if she’s not, chances are she’ll squash the rumors before they have chance to pick up steam.