Bella Thorne Actually Defends Charlie Puth After He Accused Her of Cheating

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Despite the short relationship between Bella Thorne & Tyler Posey, and the even shorter ~relationship~ between Bella Thorne & Charlie Puth, people still can’t seem to get over those two particular times in the Famous in Love actress’ life, which means the 19-year-old can’t skate by without dishing the dirty details behind the so-called love triangle.

“Honestly, Ty and I stopped dating and that was really difficult for me,” the Disney Channel alum said on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show. “It was definitely one of the hardest breakups I’ve been through.”

“Basically, Ty and I stopped dating and Charlie had been tweeting about me for a while,” she continued. “He was trying to reach out to me.”

“Man…Bella Thorne is so beautiful,” the “See You Again” singer wrote in a September 2016 tweet, which has since been deleted. The pair linked up in real life three months later.

“I hung out with him twice,” she explained. “We went to the movies. He was cool. I was like, ‘Wow, you’re really talented. Holy sh*t. You’re f*cking great, dude.’ And then he invited me to Jingle Ball to watch him perform.” An invitation which she accepted.

“I’d never done that before. I’d never flown up to see anybody, so I was like, ‘This is cool! I get to watch behind the stage,'” Bella recalled. Unfortunately, according to BT, “everything got blown way out of proportion.”

Pictures of the two of them hanging out, and getting awfully close, quickly sparked romance rumors, even though there was no official word that she and Tyler called it quits. “We weren’t even kissing in that photo,” she said of a particular set of cozy beach snapshots. “Like, that photo makes it look like we are about to kiss, and we are straight up not about to kiss. So, I was a little butt hurt in that sense that it got out like that.”

The sometimes-redhead claims that she called the Teen Wolf star after the photos surfaced, and said that he was okay with everything. After all, they were already broken up, even though the public wasn’t sure at the time. “And then Charlie saw an old news article and he didn’t look at the date, and the date is old, and it’s about me and Ty,” Bella continued. You remember the drama, right?

But that’s all in the past — in fact, Bella actually defended the 25-year-old in her interview. “In Charlie’s defense, when he read it, it sounded like it was about me and Ty still being together,” she explained. “He didn’t even text me or talk to me about it… I kept calling him. He wouldn’t answer my calls, and then he just starts texting me … [Puth] should have just called me.”