Days After Saying She’s Depressed, Bella Thorne Admits She Considered Suicide

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When Bella Thorne tweeted, “Came to the conclusion that I struggle with depression:/ you aren’t alone,” last week, she faced a ton of backlash. While the Famous in Love actress’ intentions were good (we think), many people scolded her for diagnosing herself with a mental illness that millions of people really have and struggle with every single day. The 19-year-old quickly deleted the tweet and never mentioned it again, but it seems fans may have been in ones in the wrong.

Bella recently has a super candid interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine where she discussed her sexuality, the drama that went down with Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey, and mental-health problems she suffered from in the past.

“I have had really dark thoughts,” she explained. “When I was younger I thought about killing myself; it’s very normal in a way that, if you’re upset with who you are and how your life is going, you could think these things. I want people to know that it’s okay to talk about it. And the more I do it, the more my fans will do it with each other, and with other people in their life.”


Bella was told to kill herself by trolls online in the past, and the fact that she once actually considered suicide makes the hate all the more horrific. What did we learn from 13 Reasons Why? Your words matter every. single. time., because you never know what someone is going through behind closed doors.
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