Belle Thorne Partners Up with PETA & Urges Fans to Boycott SeaWorld

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Bella Thorne channels a dark Ariel and it’s all for a good cause. Tuesday, July 24th is Boycott SeaWorld Day and the “B*tch, I’m Bella Thorne” singer is lending her voice to the cause by teaming up with PETA and throwing major shade to the park.

For PETA’s annual BoyCott SeaWorld ad, Bella is seen posing as a suffering mermaid. The 20-year-old stars in the ad as a half woman, half orca whale with her tail and wrists chained up. The ad cries, “Break the Chains,” while encouraging fans not to support SeaWorld, a company that has been accused of mistreating captive animals at its theme parks.

In a behind-the-scenes video for her PETA shoot Bella gives fans a look inside her quirky house and reveals why this issue hits close to home for her. “I, myself, am a real big animal lover,” she says in the video. “The real and the fake.”

The actress goes on to say in the video why she’s taking a stand against SeaWorld and explains how these whales and animals at the theme park are suffering in their confined spaces. “These beautiful animals are in so much pain,” Bella said in the video. “They’re taken away from their community, their homes, their mothers, and they don’t have a choice — they’re locked in there!”

Bella also urged fans to get involved in protesting against the SeaWorld. “I think definitely a way to help would be boycotting SeaWorld, protesting SeaWorld,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to show up with your signs and make your point.”

The singer threw plenty more shade in the video, even painting a bleeding whale picture with the caption “Help me.” In 2016, SeaWorld announced the end to its killer whale breeding program and replaced their signature orca stunt shows with “natural orca encounters.” But this change definitely wasn’t enough for animal rights activists.