Bella Thorne: Redhead or Blondie? Weigh in on Your Fave Look!

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Instagram (@bellathorne/@tamarasthorne)

Instagram (@bellathorne/@tamarasthorne)

Even though Bella Thorne was born with dirty blonde tresses, the Shake It Up! actress is pretty much known for her beautiful red locks. (Basically, she’s like the Emma Stone of teen celebs.) So when a picture of Bella with her former shade surfaced on her mother’s Instagram page this week, fans were sent into a frenzy over the Interwebs.

However, Bella took to Twitter to dispel any rumors that the hair makeover is permanent:

Some fans suggest it’s a wig because the bangs are too long, and that it may be for a new role on TV, or in a movie. (More than a few are hoping for/banking on Pretty Little Liars.) But NMW Bella’s intentions are, we wanna know: Which look do you prefer — red-head or blondie? Weigh in!

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